Ola Skinnarmo, Adventurer

I guess we all like to be outdoors, but perhaps not as much as Ola Skinnarmo. In 1998 he went to the South Pole, and then two years later to the North Pole in 2000. This time together with friend Goran Kropp. In 2002 he and a couple of friends canoe around Svalbard. 2003 he led a group sailing to South Americas south tip and the Elephant Island and then to South Georgien to continue on skis as a remake of Ernest Henry Shackleton in 1916. In 2011 Ola and a group of likeminded went sailing to Greenland following the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen (1888). Puh… sounds exhausting, but inspiring.

Usually you see a rose-cheeked Ola dressed up in a puffy down jacket, fluffy hats and covered in sponsor’s logotypes. I wanted him to be in a more natural personal look, and just propped him next to a window. It seems to me as he is thinking hard on the next adventure.

Photo shoot in Stockholm.