Eric Bibb, musician

Client: Eric Bibb

About Eric:
A blues veteran. A wealth of knowledge about everything blues. A spiritual. A fantastic guitar player and even more so, a great musician. He has played with many equally great musicians such as Guy Davis, Odetta, Big Daddy Wilson, Taj Mahal, Jools Holland, Mamadou Diabate and many more. He has been nominated for different music awards more times than space allows to list here. In answer to my question regarding how many records he has recorded, he paused for a second and humbly responded around twenty-five, but after some research I can add at least ten more. Anyone would think it would be natural to slow down a bit after almost half a century as a pro musician, but Eric is still touring the world extensively, bringing joy to all his fans.

About the photo shoot:
Met up with blues musician Eric Bibb the other day for a new portrait shoot. I was looking for an old-fashioned ”American South-West” look and feel to the photograph with natural light, grain and colour that matched.