Hjulström and Nyroos

Client: Private

About Lennart Hjulstrom and Gunilla Nyroos
We have Mr Hjulstrom in thrillers such as the ‘Hamilton’-series, in the blockbuster movie ‘The Girl who kicked the hornets nest’ and in the ‘Millenium’ series to mention a few. But he has also appeared in a long list of TV-series and theater productions, and he is a gifted director. What more do you want?

Gunilla Nyroos has been on the stage as long as her husband Lennart and has been seen in tv productions such as ‘Maria Wern’, ‘Beck’ and others.

About the photo shoot
I have always been a fan of Mr. Hjulstrom, albeit never actually met in real life until now, that is. We met up in his summer house and after a quick walk-through his house, we sat down and talked about his career and colleagues – several of which I have had the fortune to photograph. Friendly, interested and knowledgeable is probably the three words that I would use the sum up my experience of Mr. Hjulstrom. At the end of the photo session I suggested that both of them should be in the picture.